Friday, September 21, 2012

Did it :) Finished My Tote Bag

Sewing up the journal wasn't as hard as my tote bag.
Ok hand sewing it was time consuming, but this bag was also an idea I had stuck in my head. So was following a pattern in my head. But I'm pleased with the end result, a personalised bag.
My t-shirt has been well used.

The insides before the final sewing together. See the straps.

The inside lining, before I realised hey I want to add a couple of pockets. So have a pocket for my cell ph, a pocket for my keys and a pocket for my pens.

Journal fits wonderfully into my bag. My life is slowly getting more organised.
I'm very happy with the straps, as they are very comfortable. Now my next project is to make a cash envelope wallet. The type where you can split your money into different areas (like groceries, petrol etc)

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