Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Time to get back to the garden.
This year we are trying to save money in our garden (and kitchen). Starting with growing most our plants for the vegetable garden from seeds. But what cheap and easy way could we do this?

Toilet rolls

Yes after a search on the Internet found a great way to recycle our toilet rolls. Printed off a instruction sheet for my home journal and got started.
Filling a tray we had (came with the house when we moved it so free)

Can you see the box fold for the bottoms of our seed starters?

A spare plastic box we had, makes a great mini plastic house.

Sunflowers and Cucumbers already sprouting. That sprayer at the back is what we use to water the seeds.
Most of the seeds we have are either given to us from family and friends, or leftovers from last year. So at the moment not costing us a thing. The helpful part of using toilet rolls is you can write what you have planted on the roll, saves on using tags.


  1. We are going into fall here but I think next spring I will try this! :)

    1. :) It sure has been worth it for us :) Looking forward to planting soon.