Friday, September 28, 2012

Wet Spring

Slowing the progress of our raised vegetable bed.
Raised garden almost completed.

Chickens helping in the garden. Have got everything we need to make their Chicken tractor, just need a fine day to finish it.

Started to get the netting up. Free netting so still a cheap garden :). Momma Hen checking the progress, inspecting the quality of workmanship.

The netting up, will be great for our squash. Nearly every squash seed I have planted has sprouted. So hope to get a good harvest this year.
Did get a bit of our compost out, lovely rich soil that it is. With some help will get more on to the garden where we are going to start planting. Splitting the garden into 2 metre sections. Will plant the first section and have the chicken tractor on the second section. Then will move the chickens along to the third section, and we will plant in the second section. When the chickens have finished this whole garden we have the other raised garden bed that will be ready for them to work on by then. Im very excited :)

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