Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have been thinking

I'm just recovering from a very bad chest infection. I have not felt so sick in a long time. But it sure does get you thinking when you can't do anything but sit or lie still.

Firstly I'm thankful for my husband who was so helpful with the kids and housework. Even used his day off work to look after me. Then I'm thankful for our kids. DS13 cooked us dinner on Sunday (bean and sausage casserole with mash potato), also made a dessert to have afterwards (self saucing chocolate pudding). And he baked a batch of biscuits for school lunches. DS12 helped with clothes washing, DD10 did clean up jobs all over the house. DS7 did bits here and there.
Now if that would continue more while I'm getting better would be wonderful.

Secondly I'm thankful for our garden. I have really missed not being able to get outside. I'm itching to get more plants planted. But I have also spent time thinking (and researching) things to improve our garden. And now want to get these ideas done. But have been warned to take it easy as I might have a relapse. Ideas like making a planter box with trellis for one side of our garden shed. So when we look out our lounge window, instead of metal garden shed, we can see plants growing. We have all the wood and pieces for it (so it's a free project). I also want to make our own concrete pavers for our garden. Found great plans for low cost ones we can make as a family (cheaper then buying pavers). So we can make a path to the raised garden bed. I also have plans for painting the fence and raised garden bed, have strawberry plants hanging off our fence to make more space for herbs. And many more ideas.

Thirdly I had been doing a part time job to bring in extra cash. But with the tax and time it's not worth the stress. So I'm quiting it to have my time again for my family and home. And I'm excited because it took to much from me, and I'm looking forward it getting it back. It means I can do a real spring clean of this home. And a real organise of our small space. I have an office space I need to create (I have the space but it a mess at the moment). I have to make an area for kids and DH bags to hang. And I need to get my bedroom back to a bedroom not my office at the moment.

And to make it clear why I need an office space. It's a space for home management. Where bills can be sorted, menus planned, school items that are needed where I can see. A place for my to do list, to buy list, to call. But most importantly a place where I can have time out in the house. I need a space that is mine and our dinning table to be a dinning table again.

But now I better head off to bed and try and get some sleep.

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