Sunday, October 21, 2012

Office and Garden

More like an office now.
The office is becoming a more useful space, and more peaceful. Have a light coming to make the place brighter. Also need to work on the door so have a handle on the other side and even better would be to put a lock on. The seat is very comfortable, but I can't spend all day in  there. We had a moment of fine weather and moved the chicken coop along to the 3 stage of the vegetable garden.
1st stage garden growing well, 2nd stage has soil ready for planting seedlings
Chickens are enjoying some free range time in our garden as we prepare their coop for them. We are pretty happy with how the plants are growing in our veggie garden. Will be having radish's soon and lettuce. Yay salad time :) bring on some more good weather.

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