Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Free Planter

I think my DH did a pretty good job on making this planter.
 We had left over wood and nails from making our raised vegetable garden. And leftover trellis from rebuilding the deck. Also a space that needed a better view then our garden shed. So DH built me this planter in one morning. So I'm slowly filling it with soil. Will also paint it, and plant some pretty flower plants. Will give us a far better view.
A little trial project, homemade SEED SHAKER.
 One of the ideas I wanted to try this year was planting helpful flowers in our veggie garden. Ones that we can eat and help other plants. As well as more radishes and lettuce planted at different times. And the idea of the seed shaker came to mind. This one is made out of an old herb container for cooking. It has a lid with holes for shaking. Painted it black to keep the seeds in the dark. And have added lettuce, marigold, radish seeds and others. Then I sprinkle on bare patches in the garden. Hope this idea works.
Organising Craft Items
Another project has been to organise my craft items, so they can be stored out of the way. But also easy for me to see if I already have what I need before buying. Looking at the glue box, I have done that abit. Also hopefully will help to have these in one place, not all over the house.
But I better get back to work making Poorman's Meal for our youth group dinner.

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