Saturday, November 24, 2012

Garden Moving Along

Our radishes great sliced in salads or sandwiches. And so easy to grow.

Section One of our vegetable garden has really grown. We will be having cucumbers.

Section Two not far behind. We will soon be having celery in our salads again.

Section Three has some lettuce ready for picking leaves already.

Section Four just planted. I found some Kale and can't wait to try.

Chickens at work on Section Five. Will move them next weekend to Section Six.

This is our Section Six. Our raised garden behind our garage. The Swiss Chard has gone to seed. I'm sure our chickens are going to love working on this Section.
Now if we could just get our fence fixed, we could have a Section Seven with another raised garden bed. It's just our new fence panels are heavy so need some extra help to get them up. Holidays are coming hee hee.

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