Thursday, November 22, 2012

Had a Wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner

Simple table setting. DD11 picked the flowers for the table.

Roast lamb with roast veggies and our courgettes. Was a yummy dinner with alot of fun and talking with my family.

Dessert, simple but was very good :) Can't bet fresh strawberries and fresh cream mmmmm
Very blessed with my dear family :)

Had to add a photo of our 1st courgettes from our garden. Love the colour green :)
We will be having leftover lamb for dinner tonight with a salad fresh from our garden. Lettuce, radish and basil ready to be picked. Will just add tomatoes and carrots which we brought (hope don't have to buy to much more). I'm working on our 4th section of the vegetable garden today, while our dear chickens work on the 5th section. It's cute to have them watch me garden :)

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