Friday, November 30, 2012

Moved Chickens

Have moved Cleo, Ebony and Victoria out back now on Stage 6 veggie garden

They are in here some where. They going to have fun attacking these plants.

Ebony nesting. Yay more eggs.
Before moving the girls we clipped their wings, and let them free range. But had to keep an eye on them around our veggie garden. Thankfully only Victoria made it into the garden. But now they have their own garden to be busy in.
So we are at the end of our long veggie garden. DH had just added some of our compost onto stage 5. Then we will get some vegetable soil to add on top. Then it's planting time. I have some tomato plants waiting to go in.

Here's the other girls. Caramel, Milkshake and Babe. They are bigger then our other chickens now. We moved their chicken coop to some fresh grass. But the bread came first.
Momma Hen is no more, so we have only 6 chickens (all that we are aloud to have). Momma had started to crow at 5am in the morn for an hour. Not very neighbour friendly. Only way to stop her was cover her cage. But she would start again after you uncovered her. So she is missed....abit.
After a good cleaning out of her cage we have Shadow the bunny back in it. And as long as he can see the others, he is happy.

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