Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week One $100 Food Shop

Making a good start to our $100 Food Shop Challenge (long may it continue)

Our Budget Envelope for our $100 Food Shop. Having only a $100 placed in the envelope helps us not to over spend.

Part of what is helping us this week is using what we already have in our garden and pantry.

The plums we were given are now turned into......
Plum preserves ready for winter.
All the plums are cooked up, but some are for summer desserts. Plums and ice cream yum :)

We are having a courgette glut. So coming up with ways to use them.

With the help of our eggs, flour, baking powder and some milk. We were able to make fritters.
Courgette Fritters ready for lunch.
For dinner we had roasted scallopini with roasted potatoes and cold sliced ham.
I'm going to be making courgette chutney, which will help to use more of our courgettes. Then use that for our homemade hamburgers.
There are also recipes for making cakes with courgettes, we should try as well.

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