Thursday, February 14, 2013

Was lost with the kids returing to school

It sure has gotten busy at our little house with the kids going back to school. And now I have one of them home for homeschooling.
So DS14 and DS13 are both at high school, catching the bus helps with our petrol costs. At the same time giving them some Independence.
DD11 is back at primary school going into her senior years. She is doing well and making new friends.
DS7 (soon to be 8yrs) is now been home schooled. Gone are the stresses he was having at school. DS7 has Aspergers and needs some extra time and attention. But was not given the support he needed to fit in at school. He better at home, and we are spending some days building the routine we both need to get into.
But I'm still going with the $100 Food Shop :)