Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Will post photo of my lovely Christmas present later and share more when I have time.
Been busy with children, chickens and Christmas :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Oh No!" Went over $100 Food shop

I have been doing so well, at keeping under $100 for our food shop. But today went over $33.90 over $100.

Menu Plan Week FourBreakfast - Weet-bix, Honey Puffs and Porridge. Maybe in weekend pancakes. Lunch is sandwiches, and 1 sweet thing and 1 fruit
MONDAY - Rice Risotto (with chicken stock made from Saturdays Roast Chicken)
TUESDAY - Spaghetti Bolognese
WEDNESDAY - Chicken Sausages with Mash potato.
THURSDAY - Fish with 2 salads (potato salad and green salad)
FRIDAY - Homemade Pizza and chips
SATURDAY - BBQ dinner (niece's birthday dinner)
SUNDAY - Roast chicken and roast vegetables
12/12/2011 Food shop in the boot of our car

Shopping List
4x Milk  3L $21.96
1 Boneless Chicken breast $5.53
Beef mince 1kg $6.75
Can Tuna $2.09 (son with aspergers has limited types of food he will eat so get him what I can)
Chocolate spread $5.99 (again for son with aspergers)
Icing sugar 500g $1.69
Brown sugar 500g $1.69
Rolled oats 750g $2.49
Milo $4.89 (malted drink for son with aspergers)
Spaghetti pasta 500g $1.09
6 Eggs $3.67
Honey puff 425g $3.89
Weet-bix 1.2kg $6.59
Potatoes 783g $1.79 (to top up what we have left in garden)
1 garlic .72c
Carrots 628g $1.05
Onions 558g $1.31
Apples 708g $2.46
Mushrooms 104g $1.25
2x Loaves of white bread $3.38 (son won't eat eat any other type, thankfully our other children do)
2x Broccoli $3.00
2x Butter 500g $7.50
Parmesan cheese 100g $4.79
Mayonnaise 215g $3.49
Bacon 200g $3.69
Coffee beans 200g $6.99
6 fish fillets 425g $5.99
White wine for cooking 750ml $8.99
2 minute noodles $2.89
Pasta sauce 700g $2.79
Arborio rice 750g $3.49
Total = $133.89
rounding up to = $133.90

Might have gone over this shop, but the last few weeks I did go under $100. So overall doing very well with our food shopping.
Now need to bake some chocolate cupcakes for afternoon tea.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Home Baking Day

Ok not baking but it is one of our garden sunflowers in the kitchen.

Gingerbread biscuits

Shortbread biscuits
Filled up one container with biscuits today. Was my first time making shortbread, and found it very easy. Made the shortbread in the food processor with 3 ingredients. 250g Butter, 1 cup icing sugar and 3 cups flour, mix together. Then roll out and cut into shapes and bake for about 15mins. They taste good, but maybe I need to work on the cutting out shapes for them. Made alot of biscuits. The gingerbread is not to hard to make too. Next will be making chocolate cupcakes with nutty fudge icing.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Poormans Meal - Thank you Clara

Yummy this is what we are having for dinner tonight. It's easy, filling and cheap, and goes great with freshly picked green salad from the garden.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

$100 online shop

For this weeks $100 food shop decided to try online shop. Last week was so busy, so want to take this week easy and mostly at home. So for the food shop gave the online grocery shop a try.

Menu Plan Week Three
Breakfast - Weet-bix, Honey Puffs and Porridge. Maybe in weekend pancakes. Lunch is sandwiches, and 1 sweet thing and 1 fruit
MONDAY - Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry on rice
TUESDAY - Poorman's meal from Clara's Kitchen book
WEDNESDAY - Bacon and Sliverbeet quiche with salad
THURSDAY - Homemade burgers
FRIDAY - Bean and sausage casserole
SATURDAY - Roast Chicken and vegetables
SUNDAY - Leftover chicken and salad

Shopping List
12 frankfurters sausages $6.00
4 3L milk $21.96
200g bacon $3.00
500g butter $3.79
1.5kg bag of apples $4.98
half pumpkin $4.75
1kg bag of kumara $3.98
1kg bag of potatoes $2.48
1kg bag of carrots $2.49
1 nz garlic $1.32
1kg mince $12.00
6pk of beef sausages $3.95
can of baked beans $0.74
size 18 whole chicken $12.99
Total = $84.43
delivery = $15.25
So real total is $99.68

So under budget, but not liking that $15.25 delivery fee. I think it cheaper in petrol to go to the supermarket myself and get my food shop. Will do that next week for food shop.