Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garden Begining to Produce

Have had our 3rd handful of homegrown Strawberries for DD10 birthday party. They were so sweet and yummy, and of course only been picked moments before the party started, super fresh. No more buying containers of Strawberries for this family any more. We also had our first freshly picked lettuce for dinner last night. Very tasty in our homemade burgers. Then we are also picking our favorite type of radishes too. They are called Gentle Giants, a great kid friendly radish. We grew them from seed, and to me they are the easiest to grow too. It's my 3nd year growing them.
What we are looking forward to is our Cherry Tomatoes to ripen so we can add them to our green salads.
There is lots happening in our garden. But soon lots more will be happening inside our home as we do a Spring Clean challenge to get ready for the Summer season (and more children's school holidays). Oh and Christmas!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Had a little trip to Australia

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, on top of a drinking fountain. At Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens
We went to Sydney, NSW, Australia. And of course I had to visit their Royal Botanical Gardens. Loved the Herb garden, enjoyed reading the information they had. And the smells from that garden, mmmmm. I was a wonderful break, but I'm happy to be home now. Had our own strawberries for dessert last night. And soon will be having fresh green salad from the garden.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sun in my Kitchen

In my kitchen making breakfast and enjoying the sun shining in. Mmmmm love Spring. Hard to take photos in our little kitchen, this one is with me standing at the other end of the kitchen. If I want to get more in I would have to be on top of our oven. Now that would be a sight. But I love it, and we still get to cook and bake yummy things here.
Today is Sunday, our day of rest, and I'm enjoying it after a busy day yesterday.
Better get ready for Church, God Bless :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Clean up day in the Little House in the City

Could call it a Total Spring Clean of our Little House.
All the family has to pitch in and help. But the aim is to get this home clean this weekend from top to bottom.
In my bedroom today I only have to dust,  wash glass (windows, mirrors etc), and vacuum the floor.
In the Lounge/dinning we have to put away the things that don't belong, then dust, wash glass and vacuum.
Bathroom/toilet is clean everything! Walls, windows, floor, bath, shower, toilet etc
Kids bedrooms well they have to clean up and vacuum.
Laundry is mainly pick up and put away, and clean the floor.
Kitchen is a bigger job, of wiping cupboard's down inside and out. Cleaning the fridge as well as oven. And the floor needs a good wash.
Outside there are a few jobs I would love to do, but this weekend focus is the little house.
So let the Cleaning begin.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Would rather be in the garden

But stuck inside with kids and a baby. Outside the sun is shining, wonderful after days with rain. The birds are singing, and weeds are growing (I so want to deal with those weeds). But at least I can tend to our seedling growing inside. And when I'm busy feeding baby, I can keep an eye on DS11 who is baking a cake.
Our seedlings growing. We don't have a green house yet, so our bedroom window has to do.

Cute little Butternut Squash seedling.

Homemade plastic house for our Sugar Baby Watermelon seeds. Hope they grow.

DS11 baking a cake in our little kitchen. Can't wait to try it.
Today we are going to eat cake. Didn't DS11 do well.

I did sneak out and picked a strawberry for my morning tea. Sun kissed sweet strawberry.

The Pets at Little House in the City

We have 6 pets at the moment.  As we work on our garden, we hope to add more to that number. They all play an important part in our home. We have
4 fish. They are called Small, Medium, Large (the goldfish), and Shark (the sucker fish). We are planing on getting a larger tank for them. They are great pets and cleaning out their tank, we get some great water for the garden.

Shadow our free bunny. He's very friendly, and loves to snuggle with us on the couch. Would love to build a bigger area for him to roam in. It's on the one day list. but he helps us with composting supplies.

And our dear free cat Mischief. We aren't totally sure how old she is (same with our bunny), sadly she was abandoned by her owner and was going to be given to the SPCA. But we gladly said we would have her. And her name really suits her. She is our helpful mouser.
I'm sure we will share more photos of our pets, especially mischief and all she gets up too. Would love to get a couple of chickens, and later more bunnies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Walk in our Garden

After a long day looking after a baby and my children. Spent a relaxing, refreshing walk in our garden. Our garden is not just food for my body, but also my soul. Here are some photo's I took on my little walk.
Yummy strawberry, and there are lots more where that one came from.

Strawberry flower

Feijoa flower

Yum lettuce, salad soon. There are more of them and different types, but I love the colour of this one. But I see I will need to weed again.

Oranges  We have a few left, have been eating lots and juicing lots.

Peach Flower, so delicate looking.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kids Garden

One of the project this year was to make part of our garden a kids play area. Partly because I work as a Home Educator, so it's helpful for my work. And the other reason was to have an area the kids can play while we work on the other areas for food growing. Here's some photos of our progress with this garden space.
This is the area before we moved into the home.

This is the area after a long day of clearing away weeds and plants.

This is the area with grass seed.

Look at the new grass, love that lime green.

And as it looks today. Still a work in progress.

What the photo's don't show is the little sand pit behind the tramp (in the corner). There is also an area of garden that is theirs. It's growing strawberries and a sunflower plant. But will be adding more sunflowers and a sugar baby watermelon plant. We also hope to add a blackboard panel and some kids painted panels to the fence. Oh and a scarecrow (kiddy made of course). I love the space and even more when I see the kids outside enjoying it. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hope to share lots of what has been happening at our Little House in the City.