Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Pets at Little House in the City

We have 6 pets at the moment.  As we work on our garden, we hope to add more to that number. They all play an important part in our home. We have
4 fish. They are called Small, Medium, Large (the goldfish), and Shark (the sucker fish). We are planing on getting a larger tank for them. They are great pets and cleaning out their tank, we get some great water for the garden.

Shadow our free bunny. He's very friendly, and loves to snuggle with us on the couch. Would love to build a bigger area for him to roam in. It's on the one day list. but he helps us with composting supplies.

And our dear free cat Mischief. We aren't totally sure how old she is (same with our bunny), sadly she was abandoned by her owner and was going to be given to the SPCA. But we gladly said we would have her. And her name really suits her. She is our helpful mouser.
I'm sure we will share more photos of our pets, especially mischief and all she gets up too. Would love to get a couple of chickens, and later more bunnies.

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