Tour of Our Little House in the City

This is our home. a view from our driveway.

Welcome and come on in. This is our front entrance.

Don't forget to wipe your feet.
From our front door looking into our dinning room. The lounge part is around the corner.

From our front entrance you can see our back door. One of our bookcases, fill of books.

Our dinning area and fire place and hot water cupboard. Can see through to the kitchen.

Our kitchen from the door way. Our kitchen is in the shape of an L, and is hard to photograph.

More of our kitchen.

Our hallway to the bathroom and master bedroom. can just see door to our laundry which is beside the back door. And the stairway for upstairs.

The master bedroom from the doorway.

Master bedroom from the other side of the room.

Our bathroom, that's a cute bath that is not full size (great for little kids and pets)

Yes we do have a toilet fitted into our bathroom.

At the top of the stairs looking down. These stairs led to the kids rooms.

DD10 bedroom. This is the smallest bedroom.
Will share photos of the lounge, boys room and laundry another time. We love our little home. It sometimes can be a squeeze with the 6 of us (more so when you have family and friends over too), but it also keeps us close.