Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lovely Day

To be outside in the sunshine. But it sure wasn't like that yesterday, when we had a heavy storm.
The bad weather does make me very thankful for the good :)
Our garlic growing, can't wait to use them in our cooking.

Winter fruit, love the colours. Cheery when the days are grey.

Celery growing well, wonderful with our roast dinners. There are 2 of our herb pots on each side. Curly parsley, and mint.

So happy with our raised garden, feeding us and the chickens. Don't know why but some of the pea plants in the middle fell down.

My cleaning supplies, for making our own cleaners. Not just saving money, they are saving me too. I react badly with some chemical cleaners, so these ingredients have been great. Citric Acid, Salt, Baking Soda, Washing Soda and Vinegar.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cheap Coffee

My DH and I love a good Flat White coffee :)
It's our little treat together. But with a cup of coffee at a cafe costing $3.50 to $5, we began a search for the perfect cheap coffee fix.
First we found out we could make it cheaper at home then from a cafe.
We started with a stove top espresso, but have now got a coffee machine. Which has helped us to be able to get that yummy creamy top to our flat white coffee.
Then the search for cheap beans started. We did find a good brand of coffee from the supermarket, and would buy it on sale. But still at $6.99 for 200g, we thought we could do better.
Then we found
And after watching a video on how to roast our own beans, we brought our 1st bag of green beans :)
$13.50 for 1kg of green beans (prices can vary on beans), and postage came to just over $20.
So for $4 per 200g we are very happy.
Our home roasted coffee beans, before we ground them.

And the final yummy flat white coffee mmmmmm

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fixed My Camera

After a search on ideas to fix my camera, all it took was some lemon juice and a cotton bud. So we are back in photo action :)

DS12 made us Pavlova with our eggs. Yummy desert, and great school holiday activity.

It's cold here, very cold. A frosty morning photo.
School holidays is almost over, and then I will have to do a walk through my garden (with it's highs and lows).