Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cheap Coffee

My DH and I love a good Flat White coffee :)
It's our little treat together. But with a cup of coffee at a cafe costing $3.50 to $5, we began a search for the perfect cheap coffee fix.
First we found out we could make it cheaper at home then from a cafe.
We started with a stove top espresso, but have now got a coffee machine. Which has helped us to be able to get that yummy creamy top to our flat white coffee.
Then the search for cheap beans started. We did find a good brand of coffee from the supermarket, and would buy it on sale. But still at $6.99 for 200g, we thought we could do better.
Then we found
And after watching a video on how to roast our own beans, we brought our 1st bag of green beans :)
$13.50 for 1kg of green beans (prices can vary on beans), and postage came to just over $20.
So for $4 per 200g we are very happy.
Our home roasted coffee beans, before we ground them.

And the final yummy flat white coffee mmmmmm

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