Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kids Garden

One of the project this year was to make part of our garden a kids play area. Partly because I work as a Home Educator, so it's helpful for my work. And the other reason was to have an area the kids can play while we work on the other areas for food growing. Here's some photos of our progress with this garden space.
This is the area before we moved into the home.

This is the area after a long day of clearing away weeds and plants.

This is the area with grass seed.

Look at the new grass, love that lime green.

And as it looks today. Still a work in progress.

What the photo's don't show is the little sand pit behind the tramp (in the corner). There is also an area of garden that is theirs. It's growing strawberries and a sunflower plant. But will be adding more sunflowers and a sugar baby watermelon plant. We also hope to add a blackboard panel and some kids painted panels to the fence. Oh and a scarecrow (kiddy made of course). I love the space and even more when I see the kids outside enjoying it. 

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