Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garden Begining to Produce

Have had our 3rd handful of homegrown Strawberries for DD10 birthday party. They were so sweet and yummy, and of course only been picked moments before the party started, super fresh. No more buying containers of Strawberries for this family any more. We also had our first freshly picked lettuce for dinner last night. Very tasty in our homemade burgers. Then we are also picking our favorite type of radishes too. They are called Gentle Giants, a great kid friendly radish. We grew them from seed, and to me they are the easiest to grow too. It's my 3nd year growing them.
What we are looking forward to is our Cherry Tomatoes to ripen so we can add them to our green salads.
There is lots happening in our garden. But soon lots more will be happening inside our home as we do a Spring Clean challenge to get ready for the Summer season (and more children's school holidays). Oh and Christmas!

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