Friday, October 14, 2011

Clean up day in the Little House in the City

Could call it a Total Spring Clean of our Little House.
All the family has to pitch in and help. But the aim is to get this home clean this weekend from top to bottom.
In my bedroom today I only have to dust,  wash glass (windows, mirrors etc), and vacuum the floor.
In the Lounge/dinning we have to put away the things that don't belong, then dust, wash glass and vacuum.
Bathroom/toilet is clean everything! Walls, windows, floor, bath, shower, toilet etc
Kids bedrooms well they have to clean up and vacuum.
Laundry is mainly pick up and put away, and clean the floor.
Kitchen is a bigger job, of wiping cupboard's down inside and out. Cleaning the fridge as well as oven. And the floor needs a good wash.
Outside there are a few jobs I would love to do, but this weekend focus is the little house.
So let the Cleaning begin.

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