Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Oh No!" Went over $100 Food shop

I have been doing so well, at keeping under $100 for our food shop. But today went over $33.90 over $100.

Menu Plan Week FourBreakfast - Weet-bix, Honey Puffs and Porridge. Maybe in weekend pancakes. Lunch is sandwiches, and 1 sweet thing and 1 fruit
MONDAY - Rice Risotto (with chicken stock made from Saturdays Roast Chicken)
TUESDAY - Spaghetti Bolognese
WEDNESDAY - Chicken Sausages with Mash potato.
THURSDAY - Fish with 2 salads (potato salad and green salad)
FRIDAY - Homemade Pizza and chips
SATURDAY - BBQ dinner (niece's birthday dinner)
SUNDAY - Roast chicken and roast vegetables
12/12/2011 Food shop in the boot of our car

Shopping List
4x Milk  3L $21.96
1 Boneless Chicken breast $5.53
Beef mince 1kg $6.75
Can Tuna $2.09 (son with aspergers has limited types of food he will eat so get him what I can)
Chocolate spread $5.99 (again for son with aspergers)
Icing sugar 500g $1.69
Brown sugar 500g $1.69
Rolled oats 750g $2.49
Milo $4.89 (malted drink for son with aspergers)
Spaghetti pasta 500g $1.09
6 Eggs $3.67
Honey puff 425g $3.89
Weet-bix 1.2kg $6.59
Potatoes 783g $1.79 (to top up what we have left in garden)
1 garlic .72c
Carrots 628g $1.05
Onions 558g $1.31
Apples 708g $2.46
Mushrooms 104g $1.25
2x Loaves of white bread $3.38 (son won't eat eat any other type, thankfully our other children do)
2x Broccoli $3.00
2x Butter 500g $7.50
Parmesan cheese 100g $4.79
Mayonnaise 215g $3.49
Bacon 200g $3.69
Coffee beans 200g $6.99
6 fish fillets 425g $5.99
White wine for cooking 750ml $8.99
2 minute noodles $2.89
Pasta sauce 700g $2.79
Arborio rice 750g $3.49
Total = $133.89
rounding up to = $133.90

Might have gone over this shop, but the last few weeks I did go under $100. So overall doing very well with our food shopping.
Now need to bake some chocolate cupcakes for afternoon tea.

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