Sunday, December 4, 2011

$100 online shop

For this weeks $100 food shop decided to try online shop. Last week was so busy, so want to take this week easy and mostly at home. So for the food shop gave the online grocery shop a try.

Menu Plan Week Three
Breakfast - Weet-bix, Honey Puffs and Porridge. Maybe in weekend pancakes. Lunch is sandwiches, and 1 sweet thing and 1 fruit
MONDAY - Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry on rice
TUESDAY - Poorman's meal from Clara's Kitchen book
WEDNESDAY - Bacon and Sliverbeet quiche with salad
THURSDAY - Homemade burgers
FRIDAY - Bean and sausage casserole
SATURDAY - Roast Chicken and vegetables
SUNDAY - Leftover chicken and salad

Shopping List
12 frankfurters sausages $6.00
4 3L milk $21.96
200g bacon $3.00
500g butter $3.79
1.5kg bag of apples $4.98
half pumpkin $4.75
1kg bag of kumara $3.98
1kg bag of potatoes $2.48
1kg bag of carrots $2.49
1 nz garlic $1.32
1kg mince $12.00
6pk of beef sausages $3.95
can of baked beans $0.74
size 18 whole chicken $12.99
Total = $84.43
delivery = $15.25
So real total is $99.68

So under budget, but not liking that $15.25 delivery fee. I think it cheaper in petrol to go to the supermarket myself and get my food shop. Will do that next week for food shop.

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