Sunday, November 20, 2011

$100 Food Shop Week One Begining

21st Nov 2011 $100 Food Shop. Bags in boot
Menu Plan Week One
For Breakfast porridge, weet-bix or honey puffs. Lunch 1 sweet treat (cupcake or biscuits home baked), sandwiches, and a piece of fruit. Each day about the same. It's dinner that changes more.
MONDAY - Dinner Beef Stir-fry with rice (and veggies from our garden)
TUESDAY - Dinner Creamy Chicken Pasta
WEDNESDAY - Dinner Bean and Sausage Casserole with mashed potato
THURSDAY - Moroccan Lamb Casserole on Cous cous
FRIDAY - Our family's Thanks Giving (will share about that another time) Turkey,  roast veggies and peas
SATURDAY - Fellowship tea at a restaurant
SUNDAY - Leftover Turkey meal with rice
Some nights we might have a dessert like ice cream, fruit , jelly etc but that just a treat.

Shopping List
Bag of apples 1.5kg $2.99
Half a Crown Pumpkin $2.06
Oats for porridge 2x 750g bags $4.98
Free Range Eggs 12pk $6.15
Cous cous 500g $2.49
Baked Beans 420g can $0.74
Diced Tomatoes 400g can $0.95
Milk 4x 3L bottles $21.96
Frozen Peas 1kg $2.95
Frozen Turkey NO3.5 $41.99
TOTAL = $92.30

So under budget at the moment. Now the challenge begins staying away from shops, until next week.

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