Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to Monthly shop

For a while we have been doing the normal weekly grocery shop. But a problem was a rising. We are paid Monthly, so the last week or 2 of the month we would be tight with our grocery money.

So it was time to put our thinking caps on, and some research on our old grocery receipts. Also past menu plans and our price book for both Pakn' Save and Countdown.
Armed with a shopping list and a set amount we could spend, we hit the shops. Aimed the most we could spend was $800 for the month, but came under at $662.38. That included meat, breakfast cereal, baking basics etc. Even toilet paper and other toiletries.
Our monthly shopping receipts, they are a lot longer :)

Next was the packing away all our shopping. We filled our freezer, filled our fridge and filled our pantry. Then we hit another problem, we still had some more items to store and no place to store them.
Our new monthly shop storage, above the pantry.
 Thankfully after a clean up in the kitchen we found the solution. There is space above our pantry, perfect for large storage containers.
Now we are seeing how long we can make all the food last. We have told the children, if something runs out (like milo) we are not buying another until the next monthly shop. So far so good as we are nearing the end of week two.

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