Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slowly Making Changes

To our cleaning supplies.
Brought about a years supply of Dishwasher powder at the beginning of the month. Thought I was being very saving smart, as they were a good brand on sale.
Only to find it makes me very sick, so it must go.
But what to replace it with?
- Could go back to old brand, even though it's not on sale?
- Try another cheap brand?
- Try an Eco-friendly brand, even though it costs more?
- Or make my own?

I decided to look into making my own dishwasher powder, there were a few recipes. But one stood out as easy to get the ingredients, and easy to make.
From Bin Inn website I found Lyn Webster MAKE Dishwasher Powder.
My homemade dishwasher powder is lovely and fluffy. It doesn't overwhelm me with smell too.
I'm buzzing with the change in product and hopefully now I can get yucky Active out of my system.
MAKE Dishwasher Powder is cheap too. About $5.48 for the amount I made in the picture, and you use 1 tablespoon per load.
Now what next to change?
- Our washing powder?
- Our all purpose cleaner?
- Our dish washing liquid?
- Our shampoo?
- Our toothpaste?

The MAKE Dishwasher Powder recipe can be found at www.bininn.co.nz
Check out Lyn Webster website www.pigtitsandparsleysauce.co.nz where she was able to do $100 weekly shop for her family, and now even lower. As well as how you can get more of her recipes and budget information from her.

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