Thursday, April 26, 2012

Been a Busy Week

With a monthly shop, ANZAC day which is also my dad's birthday, and catching up on the cleaning since the children are back at school. I might not have had much time for writing, but I have been knitting :)
Finished my son's hot water bottle cover.
DS7 Hot Water Bottle Cover already for winter.
This is my 1st time following a knitting pattern and I'm pretty happy with the result. As well as the cost about $7.50 (we already had the hot water bottle). DS7 likes how soft the yarn is, good for snuggles.
Now I'm working on DD10 hot water bottle cover.
Now if I could just knit a new chicken run :) We now have 2 of our chicken's laying eggs. But even though that is great, it has also made them want to escape to our veggie garden for extra treats. They have been finding ways out, but we keep blocking.
The eggs are lovely, beautiful shells, sunny yellow yolks. So helpful with the baking.
Will have to come back later to share about the monthly shop and our raised garden bed update.

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