Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knitting My First Dish Cloth

Since the sour dough bread has been working wonderfully, I thought I would try my next saving goal knitting my own dish cloths. Now I'm no gifted knitter, scarves are the best things I have knitted. But with reading up on these knitted squares, these are suppose to be good for beginner's. And were given to young women to practise their knitting stitches.
Mischief checking out my bamboo kniting needles. Wonder what she thinks of the colour of the cotton.

The cotton yarn cost $7, hope it makes more then one. This is as far as I got by the afternoon.
I'm enjoying knitting, it's like kneading bread. It keeps my hands busy, and lets my mind wander.
If this work then I won't be buying anymore dish cloths, and I would like to then make some for gifts (once I get the hang of knitting them).

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