Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Easter Monday

With DH home for a short holiday, I made use of his help. And was able to have a very productive day.
Started on Sunday night with making overnight Easter Cookies with the whole family. I found this recipe in Sophie Gray's "Destitute Gourmet more stunning food from small change" book.
They are called the Easter Story Cookies, and are a great way to share the Easter Story with children.
The end result we enjoyed on Monday morning. Yummy Easter Story Cookies
 We made the cookies as we shared the story, and then placed in a hot oven to cook overnight (the oven turned off though). And in the morning woke to these yummy treats, alot cheaper then buying the kids Easter Eggs.
After breakfast and a quick clean of the kitchen, I got ready for a day in the kitchen.
Made a Coffee Cake with Coffee icing, to use up the last of the old coffee beans.
Then I made Raspberry Jam. It's my favorite jam, and last year had been buying it at the supermarket. And around $3 it had been adding up. I wanted to see if I could make it cheaper. First I picked up some jam making sugar (it has jam setting mix in it already), brought 1kg for $3.60. Then 1kg of frozen raspberries for $4.
Ingredients ready, and the jars from last year.

Made more then expected, thankfully had some extra little jars. These 2 little jars are in the fridge ready to use.

Fresh Raspberry Jam on fresh bread. Perfect treat :) 
Conclusion with the Raspberry Jam, it was well worth making. Made about 5 jars (the 2 small jars together is the same as 1 jam jar), so $1.52 per jar bets buying from the supermarket.
While making jam I started on dinner in the crockpot. Beef stew with some of the last tomatoes, and courgettes from our garden. Later added dumplings to the stew to make it more filling (as we had an extra person for dinner).
I also did some extra baking, being school holidays, with the children inviting extra friends over, helps to have extra baking.
Made Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Gingerbread Biscuits.
Lastly made more stewed feijoas for breakfast, and from the leftover feijoa juices made a feijoa jelly for dessert.
At the same time was keeping the kitchen clean, dishes washed. And was able to wake up today with my kitchen ready for breakfast.
Now that my DH is back at work, I can have time now with my children.

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  1. Oh Yum fresh bread and raspberry jam. I haven't had that for years.