Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Apples and Feijoas

A bowl of our free fruit waiting to be eaten or cooked.
 Thanks to our dear friends we were blessed with bags of apples. Yummy apples, from 2 different trees. They can eat them all, and sadly not many people were wanting them. So I have been busy cooking them up (yummy stewed apple on weet-bix), preparing for the winter months. I hope with all the extra fruit we will be having this coming winter, will help with combating colds and flu's. Our 2 feijoa trees have given us lots of fruit, so have been cooking them up as well as enjoying fresh fruit for dessert. Looking at the cost of apples and feijoas in the shops, I am very thankful for this saving. One shop had the cheapest apples at $1.99 per kilo, and feijoas at $3.99 per kilo. We have had over 6kgs of apples and over 8kg of feijoas.
Jars of fruit filling our cupboards
As this seasons apples and feijoas passes, our next free fruit is mandarins. They are already starting to change colour, from dark green small fruit to lime green larger fruit.
Oh and while I remember our apple tree had 3 fruit, not an amazing number. But hopefully as it has a chance to spread it roots and grow, it will provide us with more applesd next year.


  1. WOW It never ceases to amaze me how silly people can be, fancy knocking back free fruit. All the better for you. Yum I love stewed apple and can never get enough.

    1. Yes it does amaze me too. One of the types of apples we got were were very good to eat freshly sliced up. They looked just as good (maybe even better) then what you buy in the shops. The others are excellent cooking apples, so good for breakfast. Cooking up some more today :)