Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Red Beans and Rice and Other Poorman's Meals

Last night I finally made Red Beans and Rice. I have been wanting to make for awhile, looking over lots of American recipes and reading up on the history of the recipes.
This is what I came up with - It's a poorman's meal that was usually done on Monday. Sunday they would have a dinner of Ham or pork, and the leftovers would go into the pot with the red beans red bell peppers and celery to slow cook for the day. For an easy meal served with rice, after a day of washing.
There were lots of different types, "Mum ma's" always have their own way to cook for their family. But the basics were always about the same.
Yesterday I was able to pick up some pork bones for $2, and slow cooked them in chicken stock. I did add some red wine vinegar, chili powder and garlic salt. The red beans were in a can so already soaked, and cooked. In a large pot I added chopped onion, garlic, celery and bell peppers. Then a can of red beans, and a can of chopped tomatoes (found a few recipes used tomatoes). As I didn't have a lot of chili powder used some cumin powder, which worked for my family anyway. Finally added the liquid from cooking the pork bones, and sliced the meat of the pork bones (more like it fell off the bones). And after a bit more cooking (including the rice in another pot), dinner was ready.
And was well liked by my family, it was all eaten and bowls licked.
So well worth trying :)

This is not the only Poorman's Meals our family has tried.
  • Pizza, that takes little amount of ingredients go a long way.
  • Clara's Poorman Meal with hot dogs and potatoes, very yummy and filling.
  • Waste Not Want Not Soup, which helps clean out the fridge.
  • Slow Cooked Irish Stew, which takes cheap meat into a good meal.
  • DH's Tomato and Bacon Pasta, makes alot.
  • 3 Day Chicken, makes chicken cheap. Day 1 Roast chicken, Day 2 leftover chicken, Day 3 chicken soup. (can also do with leg of lamb)
  • Bean and Sausage Casserole, served with mashed potato, wonderful comfort food.
  • Corn and Tuna Fritters, a great way to have fish.
And then there are others I want to try
  • Scots Potato Pies, where a large potato is used to hollow to make the pies.
  • French Onion Soup, great way to use cheap onions.
  • Clara's - Drunken Chuck's Minestrone, looks like an interesting recipe.
And I'm sure there are others I have missed, that would be great to try.

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  1. There's lots on that list that I'd love. Good hearty food, not the fashionable dishes that restaurants want to dish up to paying customers these days. No wonder I never eat out.