Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not Lost, Just Living

I'm up to completing my 9th hot water bottle cover. Have planted out the raised garden. Been on a hospital trip for DD10, poor dear broke her arm at school. As well as a tummy bug that swept through the family like a wave. Glad that is over.
Also made some Crab Apple Jelly. My favorite jelly, made from free fruit from my parents. Yummy on toast, pikelet and scones (with abit of cream is a treat)

Colourful Chard in the raised garden bed (will be mulching around the plants)

Chickens roosting, the cheeky little escape artists.

Yes the chickens are in our Mandarin tree. This Victoria who found her own branch to sit on.

Today it feels like winter. Very cold, time for a fire to warm us up. But to help me stay warm I will be knitting a little throw blanket. Though it's not for me, but a dear lady in a rest home. Hoping to personalise it for her, as her blankets keep getting taken from her. Maybe stitching her name in to the blanket will help that not to happen again. maybe a bright warm red blanket :)
Soup or stew for dinner tonight, and a fruit crumble for dessert.

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