Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Reuse, Renew, Recycle Project

I had a long sleeve t-shirt with a really neat flower pattern. I loved wearing even though the sleeves were too short. I was thinking of giving it away, but was hard to part with as I do love the pattern. Then recently I came across a blog with a tutorial in making a journal cover. PERFECT!
But I'm going a step further with not only making a journal cover, but also a tote bag to carry it in.
I forgot to take a photo of my t-shirt before cutting it up, but here is the journal.
The flowers are from the t-shirt, the black material is like a black linen table cloth.

Inside the journal cover is some more leftover material I found in storage.
The journal is a basic A4 art journal. This will be used for my to do lists, preparing for our monthly shop, and ideas I have for the home.
I haven't started on the tote bag yet, but it will have the bigger patterns from the t-shirt for it's front and back panels.
Realised I hadn't added a link for this journal cover. Have a look at Bloom :)
The weather has turned into wet, cold Autumn. So not much time in the garden, but our dear chickens are still providing us with about an egg a day.

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