Sunday, September 16, 2012

Changes Happening in the Garden

Up early so thought would share our exciting garden changes.
This weekend DH, DS13, DS12 and DH's-dad built us a new raised veggie garden. A wonderful birthday present for DH :)

Laying out the wood. Shadow the Bunny was moved inside, to snuggle with DS7 in the lounge :)

DS12 and DS13 carried the wood in for us.

Progress with poles in the ground, and now levels being added one at a time.

Boys having a lot of nailing practise. The garlic in the orange container still growing well.

Adding the last pieces the capping, where I can sit to garden.

Finish raised bed looking great and giving us a large amount of growing space. We slowly filling with free top soil, and our compost and original veggie garden soil.
We are very happy with the end results of our garden, made even special that is was family built :)
can't wait to get gardening in it.

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