Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Chickens and The Trouble with Momma Hen

Our new chickens Caramel, Milkshake and Babe
 When we have had extra eggs, with have shared them with others. And they have been very popular. So we were asked if we could have more hens. We are aloud a total of 6 hens before we have to get a permit for more. So only 2 more hens we were aloud. But then we have had some trouble with Momma hen (will tell more soon). And the opportunity came up for 3 Brown Shaver Chicks, with their food provided we just had to provide a home. We jumped at the chance :) It will be awhile before they lay any eggs, but they have settled in well. And they are not that small, but they do love to be held by the children.
Shadow is hanging out with the chicks. They are getting on well.

Momma Hen is in Shadows cage, and here is her story.
Momma has been a good hen for us for awhile. But lately her mood has changed. She has become more grumpy with the other chickens. Not letting any come near her. She is not laying any eggs, but will spend long periods on the nest. And we have had her escape twice into other people's properties.Not good when some of our neighbours have dogs. The cage is near the others, but not close enough to have her peck the others. And what a change with the others. They are looking better and easier to look after. They happily let the children and me pick them up. They are eating and laying well. So we are thinking what to do with Momma Hen?
Right now we are happy to have 2 small flocks :)


  1. Hi so do your chooks and bunny live in the same cage? I'm thinking of doing this when I get chooks. How does this work? Do you have a sleeping house for the bunny in the chook house? Do you lock the chooks up at night and then the bunny can roam? Do you move your cage every day? If not how does the bunny cope with the ground? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks M xx

    1. Hi :) Happy to answer questions
      Yes our 3 youngest chickens live with Shadow our bunny in the same cage. They get on well together. Shadow has his own box in the area where the chickens roost. It's covered on top and sides. He also has a wooden tunnel, in the run that he can hide in if he wants. But we have caught them all snuggled in a nesting box together. Shadow has his own water bottle, but shares that with the chickens since they have learned how to use it. We haven't had to lock the chickens up, but can if need to. So shadow is free to come and go from the house into the run. His old rabbit house had the same ramp as this chicken house, so had no problems with it. Both Shadow and the chickens munch on the grass, sliverbeet and apples together. Shadow is not interested in the chickens mash we give them. And the chickens might tip over Shadows food bowl but I haven't seen them eat it (same as the carrots the kids give Shadow). We do move the house around the garden, when there is more then 2 of us to move it. But the kids also like to let the chickens and Shadow out to free range (under watchful eyes). My eldest son likes to bring Shadow inside while he watches a movie. He also gives Shadow baths, and cares for his claws and coat. Oh and Shadow does his poos in one corner, very helpful for me to collect and add to our worm farm :). As for Fleas, lices and mites found a great external powder that can be used for both chickens and rabbits. We have only had fleas to deal with at the moment. Hope that has helped? We have been very happy with all our pets