Monday, January 7, 2013

Week Two $100 Food Shop

Made it through week one of the $100 Food Shop. And spent less then $100! Long may that continue. A lot has to do with our veggie garden, and well stocked pantry and freezer.

Started with $100
Spent $79.70
Have $20.30 left
Will keep that $20.30 in another envelope for just in case. Just in case there is a sale on item (like butter that I can freeze), or just in case I go over $100 (hopefully not this 2nd week).

Menu plan for this 2nd week of $100 Food Shop is:

Breakfast is cereal, Lunch is sandwiches, Snacks is fruit and baking. This is for everyday.
Tuesday Dinner - is minced stuffed marrow with crusty top, salad on the side.
Wednesday Dinner - is Roast chicken with roast veggies.
Thursday Dinner - is Creamy chicken pasta with veggies.
Friday Dinner - is Chicken rice risotto.
Saturday Dinner - is Silver beet Quiche with salad.
Sunday Dinner - is American Hot Dogs and homemade potato chips.
Monday Dinner - is Pasta dinner from freezer bulked up with our veggies.
Baking that I need to do is biscuits and cupcakes.
Shopping that I need to get is
fruit (what is in season and cheap, our peaches and fejoias are not ready yet)
cereal - kids cereal and muesli
That's about if for food items, have just a few non food items to get (toilet paper and light bulbs)

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