Monday, January 7, 2013

Sad Wind blown Sunflowers

Last night the wind was blowing a gale. The weather report said gusts up to 57km/hr but sometimes it sounded and looked like more. We have a large pine near us that was really moving in the wind. I was scared to look in the morning at our garden. Other then rubbish through our place, it didn't look to bad. then I saw our sunflowers. The before and after photo can show more then I can say.
Not long ago our beautiful sunflowers. 
After last night the second plant is half what it was. And the first plant looks very sad.

Thankfully the cucumbers are not too damaged. DH has cut the best sunflowers and they are all in 2 vases for me to enjoy. He also rearranged the cucumbers. There are 2 more plants that look great, like they haven't even been touched by wind.
There is suppose to be more wind tonight, I hope not.