Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marmite Rationing in New Zealand

Our good old Marmite is in short supply and we are being asked to ration it until they can start production again.
As the news says
Marmite panic-buying empties shelves
Does get you thinking about what if we had to ration more then just Marmite?
What if we went back to the 1940's and rationed our sugar, butter etc?
I love reading The 1940's Experiment blog, and seeing how she is living on a rationing diet. There have been others who have tried as well, but Carolyn has lasted longer then a week or a month.
I have also been reading up on some helpful rationing books.
The Food Facts for the Kitchen Front has some great rationing recipes. It's reproduced from the original 1941 edition.

Another great book is Eating for Victory. Which is reproductions of official second world war instruction leaflets, put into a book.
But I will share more tomorrow as I going to have some quality time with my DH.

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  1. Oh No How dreadful, no marmite. It makes you think doesn't it, how lucky we are to have what ever we want, whenever we want it. How spoilt we have become. Must check out that website. THanks.