Monday, March 26, 2012

Waste Not Want Not Food and Hand Powered Gadgets

Had some leftover banana, apple and cream. As well as some chocolate chips (not enough for cookies). What to do so they don't go to waste. Make a family favorite ABC Muffins (Apple, Banana and Chocolate)

Had to take a photo quick, they don't last long in this house :)

ABC Muffins
1C mashed banana
1/2C Brown sugar
1/4tsp salt
1/4C oil
1 large egg
1/2C milk
1/4 to a 1/2C chocolate chips
1 apple, grated (I do it with the skin on)
2C self-raising flour
Mash banana, sugar, salt, oil, egg and milk mix together in a large bowl. Mix well, then stir in chocolate chips and apple. Fold in flour until just mixed. Spoon into muffin pans and bake, for 10-12 mins. Cool on rack, can freeze these for another day, or eat in two days.

Ways to save power in the kitchen, a hand powered chopper instead of a electric food processor. Chops onions, garlic and fresh herbs really well.

My newest hand powered gadget is an Apple peeler. It cores as well as slices the apple to. And you can used with potatoes, beetroot, and pears.

So easy to use, so will be preserving some apples soon :)
I love gadgets like this that are better and faster then I am (doing the job), but are not another machine we plug into the wall. Next will be a hand beater, my electric beater Sparks when we use it.

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