Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preparing for Winter

My start on preparing for winter. 1 litre jars of peaches, pear and plums. Sadly was abit early for the fejoias. But our 2 trees have started to drop their fruit, so will have to cook up with apple. I'm hoping to get some more apples to bottle up to. Our dear little tree only has 3 little apples growing. So will be on the look out for cheap apples.
My plan is to not have to buy any can's of fruit for winter puddings. I hope to get better at harvesting and collecting free fruit.
Sadly our tomatoes this year have not done so well, partly to do with the weather. But I have been able to make one large container of tomato soup. It's in the freezer for now. Might be able to make one batch of tomato relish I hope. Yummy on roast beef mmmmm!

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