Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday - Washing Day

Love my washing machine.

But no so happy with my clothes line. Mainly because it needs a tidy up around it. That wood is from the old deck, some of it we hope to reuse. The grass needs to be cut and I'm sure it is covering some of the concrete under the washing line.
The biggest job near the washing line is the fence. we have 2 types by the washing line and one of them take a bit of our land, and is mostly covered with jasmine. It's on the one day list to put one type of fence in place and recover some of our land and have less jasmine to prune. But for now I don't use most of this washing line, as I should.
Today I need to catch up on washing, and bed making. With lots to catch up on (thanks dear children for cleaning your rooms), I better get started. But first today's dinner.
Something fast and easy for today, pasta with corned beef, carrots and courgettes. Will grate some extra cheese on top, and serve with silver beet.

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