Saturday, March 24, 2012

Progress with the Raised Garden Bed

Adding soil to the raised garden bed. A slow process as it is moving soil from near the chicken run to here and adding a few bags of compost (and some of our own compost).

DH added a growing frame for me. Just need to finish adding more soil and we will be ready to plant.
Slow and steady, looking forward to planting. Will be planting beans, silverbeet and lavender here. Will be removing the grass around the bottom of the raised garden bed to replace with gravel or shell. will help to make that area easy to walk around (wet weather makes it muddy), and less lawn to mow for DH.
Other happenings at Little House in the City is our egg production is up.
One away from a full carton.
And with our supply of eggs we have been able to bake, make hollandaise sauce, and tonight's dinner of tuna and corn fritters. As well as a good supply of eggs our dear hens have been working hard in their chicken run to dig up the soil and cut down the grass and weeds. Mumma hen likes to come and work beside me, while I work in the garden near their chicken run. This week we let her out to free range in our garden as I worked. She had a good dig around our mandarin tree. And when she was finished she walked straight back into the chicken run. A good little Mumma hen. :)

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