Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taxi Service

My poor mum has been car-less for a few days.  So I have been busy not just driving my children around (school run, friends etc), but also my mum, sister, and nieces. Made me think of a story I have read recently, with an Amish teen in it who drove around the People. He had a cash box in the front seat, to keep the money which was used to pay back the car loan he took out. Maybe I could do the same for petrol. :)

So I have not had much time for photos, but I was able to bottle up a jar of feijoa and apple. Next will have to make another jar of peaches with the last from our tree. Did make a wedding card for my cousin, over in England (another $1 saving, and some homemade love for their special day).

But now it's time to get children to bed. :)

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  1. Take a big breath and some "me" time, sounds like you need it.