Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eating From Our Garden

Vegetables from our garden used to make Ratatouille

Love NZ grown garlic, the freshness and the colour.

A Ratatouille stack (Ok I call it that) its layers of sliced egg plant and courgettes that are salted and lying between paper towels and plates. I found this from a french cookbook, it helps take away the bitter funny taste from both egg plants and courgettes.

Our de-skinned Roma tomatoes ready to make the sauce.

Our Ratatouille with some fried mushrooms to the side.

Free unwanted Marrows, that we used to make Stuffed Marrow with. This yummy meal uses the marrows like a boat to hold a tomato, garlic and mince filling. And topped of with cheese was a hit with my kids.

Yesterdays wander in the garden provided us with these sunny treats. We used the courgettes and carrots in our fried rice dinner. The egg is saved for today's bake off. And the tomatoes are for today's sandwiches.
Our dear garden is blessing us with so much yummy food. I went out yesterday to bless it back with some Worm Wee from our worm farm. And to fill up the container I have for our guava seedling I added some of our compost, which is coming on so well. Won't be long and we will be ready to plant the seedling. It was a gift for DS13 from his Poppa, he loves a good munch on guavas :)

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