Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas Chickens

Chicken's new chicken coop

'Mumma' hen

'Mumma' hen and her about 6 weeks old chicks

This is 'Cleo' hopefully a hen and my favorite of the chicks

This is 'Snowy' who is just walking down from his morning crow. Yes we sure he is a rooster.
The chicken coop was my combined Christmas and birthday present from my dear family. It's been great giving them all more room to run around. We won't be keeping all our chicks, as we find out which ones are roosters they will be having to go as soon as possible. We are not allow roosters here in the city. Then we will be choosing to keep 4 hens.
This week we are working on the main area where we will be keeping the chickens, it was used for a compost bin and needs to be weeded and made level for the chicken coop to rest there. We will be having another portable run that we can place on the vegetable garden or just on the grass.
Can't let our dear chickens be free ranged, to many neighbourhood cats, but we can give them safe places to run around in..


  1. My chooks have a chook house like that and can I suggest that you nail some roofing iron on the roof of it as we didn't and in no time at all the roof is all falling to bits as the rain got in and dissolved the glue in the laminated wood.

    1. Thanks Deb, we were thinking of doing abit more to the coop. Like adding pieces of wood (like wheelborrow handles) to the sides to help with moving the coop. So will add that to the list. We down to 4 hens and 2 roosters now, and we want to do the best for them.