Monday, January 2, 2012

Stocktake with photos

Thought instead of sharing a list of our stocktake, what about a photo stocktake instead.
Top part of our pantry. Hard to take photos as pantry is in a walkway to our kitchen.

Bottom part of our pantry, cans are behind the large plastic containers.

a corner cupboard where we store extra flour, sugar, rice, oil and tomato sauce.

Another cupboard where we store potatoes, kumara, drinks and chips.

Fridge door we have some milk, yogurt, jams, mustard's etc

Fridge inside. See those green lid containers they are great for storing veggies like carrots, broccoli, capsicum.

Small freezer under fridge, this is top drawer with abit of butter, fish and ham burger buns.

Small freezer under fridge 2nd drawer, has ham, butter, peas, pizza bases, cheese and ice blocks (they were a Christmas gift).

Big freezer in our garage, top drawer has milk and bread, there is also some pastry and Bacon above the drawer.

Big freezer 2nd drawer with sponge cake and mixed veggies

Big freezer 3rd drawer with mainly beef meat, but also has some chicken kebabs and pizza cheese.

Big freezer 4th drawer with mainly chicken meat, but there are a couple packs of pork sausages.

Big freezer bottom drawer with lamb meat
Have just realise have to other areas with food too.  Under our sink we keep our onions and garlic. A cupboard with our cups also has our home baking. and a small high cupboard has our home preserves.
Then there is also the garden.

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