Thursday, January 5, 2012

Roosters Rocking Little House in the City

Snowy spots the seeds
Yesterday morning we had 7 of our chicks crowing. Or to be more true trying to crow. Boy the effort this little birds put into it. So we are sure now we have 7 roosters. And they all must go. It sure has been a learning curve having chicks.
We have 3 chicks who have not grown any combs, or wattles, these are hopefully our hens.
Cleo (standing beside Snowy), is only just getting little bits of pink.

Ebony (standing) and Charcoal (sitting) both have no combs or wattles.
But it's not just the combs and wattles, the ones we are sure are roosters, behave differently to the 3 quiet, gentle hens. The boys puff themselves up and go to battle like a couple of teenage boys. Ruff and tumble, no one really getting hurt, more show then anything.
Also have noticed how their mum treats them differently now. With the 3 we think are hens she will sit down close with (they will sit together in a corner, or a sunny spot) but as soon as one of the rooster guys come to join in she gets up and tell them to go away.

Hopefully someone, (or some people) want these roosters. Because we are not aloud roosters in the city. Poor neighbors.

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