Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chicken Pox times 3

Yep now my dear  3 other children have chicken pox's. Poor DS6 this is his second time having them. And I was enjoying kid free times of getting into the garden. But now I'm nurse, making jelly and applying calamine lotion. But this to shall pass :)
I did get some time in the garden yesterday, and with my mum's help we have been preparing a garden for turning back to grass. It's by our deck, which sadly was not made with the right wood (it's rotten and breaking) and to get that replaced we need to remove the garden. But the soil will be put to good use in our new raised garden.
Our dear chickens have been most helpful with the going through the soil for us. Just lovely to watch a happy chicken scratching and catching bugs.
well back to nursing the dear children.

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