Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deck be Gone

Our old deck is roting away
This weekend hopefully we are getting our new (secondhand) deck, to replace the old non-treated wood deck. Can't wait for a safe place for kids to play and and a new place for some pots (more plants).  Also have started on the chicken run. But have found some hidden surprises, bit old wood dug into the ground, concret blocks. So it's slowing our progress cleaning those out. Also slow progress in filling up the raised garden bed with soil.
Sometimes I would love to hire a gardener or a handyman to help get it done faster.
Because the weather is lovely will be out in the garden tonight. So dinner will be cold cuts of meat with salads. A roast veggie salad and a garden fresh salad.


  1. It will be wonderful for you to have a lovely new deck. This weekend is going to be a deck weekend for us as well as we have to oil our decks. We have decks all around the house.

  2. I have just awarded your blog a Leibster award. You can go to my blog at to see all about it