Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Own Eggs for Breakfast, and Work has Begun on New Garden Bed

Dear 'Momma' Hen is keeping us well supplied with eggs

That today we were able to have Scrambled Eggs, and bacon on toast for breakfast. So good, and look at the beautiful colour of those scrambled eggs.
 Hopefully we will not need to buy any eggs while our hen is laying. And for $6 for 12 of the cheapest free range eggs, that is a saving at the moment. I have alot of food still for them (including 10kg of scratch and lay that I got for $7) that will get us through the month of February no problem.
Now after a hardy meal we got started on building our new raised garden bed for behind the garage.
Before we moved in this is the space from our kitchen back to behind our garage. It has a lovely grapefruit tree, and a handy clothesline, but not much else.

Today looking back into the same area we have a worm farm that is going really well, Shadow our dear bunny and now a new garden bed that's in the works.
(please excuse the hose, the kids had just used it to wash the car)
I'm so excited about this new addition to that space. Means we will be planting our colourful Swiss Chard there. And it only cost $80 for this new garden bed :)
Will show you the finish garden when we are done.

Dinner tonight is including some of our garden free veggies - yellow courgettes and Roma tomatoes. We are having steak and pasta, (the pasta has a vegetable sauce).

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