Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick Kids can be so Expensive

Yep blown the budget with medicine, ice cream and jelly. DS12, DD10, and DS6 have been having a very difficult time with the chicken pox.
We have tried honey, baking soda, oats as cheap alternatives but they have not helped the same as the more costly Pinetarsol, and Calamine Lotion. We have been going through a bottle a day of them both since the poor three started getting the pox. Also have Zyrtec tablets which is helping too, and Panadol, eye drops and all the goodies of lemonade, ice cream and jelly.
But "This to shall pass"
And when it does I will be back on board saving us money to have our budget looking better again.

One thing we have 6 eggs from our dear 'Momma' hen now and I haven't had the heart or time to bake while looking after our dear children. Maybe dinner tonight will be eggs :) scrabbled eggs would be perfect for all of us.

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  1. Hope your kids are up and at 'em again very soon and do enjoy your scrambled eggs. I love them as they are a hearty, healthy, cheap meal.